How to Remove Blank Rows from Google Excel Sheets

If you have a lot of blank rows in between your Excel cell data, then this tutorial will show you how to remove blank rows from Google Excel Sheets automatically. This is not a built-in function, so you will need to install an add-on (don’t worry, it is not very intimidating). Video Tutorial Video Information Screen recording: Camtasia Studio

How to Run Multiple Skype Accounts on Windows 7

If you need to log into more than one Skype account on Windows 7, then this tutorial is for you! The specific tutorial is demonstrated on Windows 7 64-bit OS system, but with minor changes it will work for 32-bit as well. Video Tutorial Method 1 – Run Command If you only need to run multiple Skype sessions every now and then, then you can just use the Run function with the following command: Pathway for 64-bit OS “C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /secondary …