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These supposedly deleted printers just keep on coming back as if your printer list is haunted! It is like they have some kind of unfinished business with your computer that they just keep on coming back to haunt your computer (or maybe it is you?). As silly as it might sound, it actually is the case! I mean, not that your computer or you are haunted, it is just that the printer does have some unfinished business. Let's see how we can solve this issue.


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You try to delete the printer by clicking on “Remove Device” from the Devices and Printers list, for a second it looks like the printer is removed. But once you refresh the page, the printer is back. Welcome back, printer.



Your printer is trying to finish up its printing task before it leaves. Very good work ethic.

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Delete the printing task.



  1. Go to Devices and Printers page
  2. Click on your problematic printer
  3. Click on See what's printing
  4. Click on Printer –> Cancel All Documents
  5. Click on Remove device to remove your selected printer if needed. This step might be optional if you have tried to delete the printer before as it will remove itself once the printing task has been cancelled.


It might take a few minutes to cancel the documents. So wait a bit before you refresh the page. If it doesn't work the first time, repeat Step 4 one or two more times. You can also try to delete the printing documents individually in the What is Printing window as well.


That is it. Hopefully your computer is no longer haunted by these undead printers!



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