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If you can't find the plugin “Feedback” in your Plugins list and you have Jetpack installed, then I have a solution for you if you are looking to remove it.

“Feedback” is not your usual plugin as you do NOT see it in your Plugins list (Eh?!). It is actually a module from Jetpack. Therefore, to remove it, we will have to go to Jetpack.

Video Tutorial:

Written Step by Step Guide:

  1. Click on Jetpack.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Modules” (Yup, all the way down).
  3. Notice that you will NOT find “Feedback” on the Module list. It is shown as “Contact Form”. You read that correctly. Click on “Deactivate”.

Troubleshooting Tip

If you are facing a problem that is similar to this, try to see if your plugin might have come with another plugin.

Hope this tutorial is helpful. Have fun.

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